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GROWPURA™ Technology - What We Offer

H2O-ganics is an innovative hydroponics technology company developing its GROWPURA™ Process technology to apply to different markets by providing optimum conditions for growing plants all year round around the world.

The business is focused on three areas of activity:

  1. High quality Food production
  2. Technology development (with a view to licencing and joint ventures) ; turnkey solutions for users
  3. Non food and speciality crops : extraction of key active ingredients –flavours and fragrances, medicinal compounds –with partners.

The business is continuously developing technology solutions and applications for highly efficient production of food and non food crops

Technology expertise covers the following key areas:

  •  Building Structures -promoting exceptional plant growth conditions and developing environmental and sustainable solutions.
  •  Controlled environments to enable global products to be grown in one territory all year round by providing the ideal conditions
  •  Vertical moving hydroponics -combining minimising land usage with high quality products –in terms of active ingredients, appearance, taste and texture
  •  High care –to enable food products to be produced in a Ready To Eat condition
  •  Automation to enable the most productive use of resources.