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Our Mission

To lead the world in High Care Vertical Hydroponic Solutions for multiple markets


The team have developed and will continue to develop  GrowpuraTM  technologies relevant to the challenges  of the 21st century. The technologies are based on maximising crop production in one location ,  year round -  guaranteeing supply and providing a wider variety of products than currently available. In  dverse and changing  climates this could reduce reliance on imports, supplying  year round,  fresh and locally grown crops. 

GrowpuraTM technologies are positioned at the forefront of the emerging market for vertical farming, an industry estimated to be valued at 5.8 billion USD by 2022.

The first product launch is ready- to- eat leafy salads and herbs,  no need to wash , with the consumer benefits of great taste, quality and appearance with longer shelf life. 

H2O-ganics have  listened to the demands of consumers – providing  sustainable products, minimising food miles (in all seasons) and providing tasty, quality controlled food.

By optimising growing and harvesting conditions and shortening the time and distance to market  the foods are fresher and  tastier,  with less waste. 

GrowpuraTM  technologies  are available for use worldwide , offering significant advantages over conventional crop production.

GrowpuraTM  controlled environment technologies are ideally suited for growing a wide range of crops, both food and non food and currently produces a range of leafy salads and herbs.

GrowpuraTM technology is particularly suited to brownfield and urban sites.  The technologies are focused on minimal use of land and water and maximising sustainable energy resources.