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Our state of the art growing system and clean room process is fully controlled from start to finish, providing high quality produce cost effectively and without the use of pesticides and no need to wash.

Automated hydroponic technology

The unique  patent protected technology (3 patents pending)  utilises a series of  moving , multilevel stacked trays,  circulating within  the bio-hall growing room , maximising use of natural light and allowing for centralised,  single,  automated locations for loading and unloading trays, irrigation and drainage , offering access to plants 24/7 without entering the growing area and a much simplified irrigation system. A sophisticated and bespoke computer control  management system ensures constant sampling, monitoring and evaluation of plant growth and nutrient/water mix. The precise plant requirements can be pre-set. Irrigation set points , light levels, humidity,  temperature and CO2 are all  monitored , with 100s of data points enabling  controlled, optimised plant growing conditions with full crop data history.  


An energy saving and unique closed greenhouse design , combining the  latest building and environmental control technologies,  allows for year-round production in a consistent environment ideally suited to specific crop requirements

LED Lighting

A hybrid lighting system, combining dimmable LEDs at each level with natural, diffuse light optimises light availability for plant growth and photosynthesis while reducing  energy by use of multiple  sensors to detect light and feedback via lighting management system

High Care

The propagation, growing and packing areas all operate under a High Care production environment , with filtered air and controlled environment with integrated barrier controls to optimise hygiene standards. The clean room growing environment, combined with clean growing protocols developed over a number of years allow production of clean, ready to eat salad crops that may be consumed without the need to wash, straight from the pack.