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The Environment

Healthy food, healthy planet 

We care about the planet and have developed sustainable solutions for growing plants in optimum conditions, whether for food, flavours, fragrance, medicinal, nutraceutical or other applications.

GrowpuraTM : The patented process developed by H2O-ganics over a decade provides-  better products, better for the environment. 

Maximising productivity, minimising land use 

GrowpuraTM technology allows for greater productivity - around 100 times higher output per unit area than conventional field grown crops. The multilevel operation reduces building footprint and - with no soil required- industrial or brownfield sites are suitable , reducing pressure on prime agricultural or ecologically important land. 

 Within the bio-hall  controlled environment growing maximises crop growth by optimising conditions and as the crops are protected they are removed from adverse climate impacts - storm, drought, flooding, rain and hail. 

CO2 supplementation promotes growth  and the closed climate control ensures  efficient availability to the plants,  and not vented to outside as in a conventional glasshouses. 


-Uses a fraction of the water required for field irrigated crops 

- Irrigation water collected , filtered and recycled 

- Clean grown , high care crops mean no need to wash 


- Integrated propagation on site 

- Year round UK production , no reliance on imports in winter months 

- Facilities can be located close to customer base, reducing 'food miles' 


-Low energy LED lighting supplements natural light , dimming function linked to multiple sensors ensures plants receive optimum light for growth , while minimising energy use

-Unique , closed system bio-hall design and integration of energy saving technologies,  optimises climate control with minimal energy input

- Smart energy management system with multiple sensors continually monitors the environment to optimise energy efficiency 

- The process is fully compatible to integrate with sustainable energy generation and supply technologies 


- Pesticide free crop production 

- No harmful agricultural run off from fertilisers or pesticides released  into the environment  

- No soil depletion or erosion - plants grown without soil

- Grow media compostable and biodegradable 


- GrowpuraTM technology offers solutions to help address future security of food supply, to meet the demands of an increasing  population  (potentially reaching 11  billion by 2050) 

- Local, healthy food grown without the use of pesticides 

-Increased availability of wider range of crops, grown year round in any location 

- The technology is suitable for urban agriculture projects  and community based food production 


The company is committed to continual development goals  to improve sustainability and minimise environmental impact; for example by aiming to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever possible with an ultimate aim to have zero landfill waste stream.